How Neviso Helps ABP Renderers Maintain Service Levels & Driver Safety

The situation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus is ever-changing. Restrictions are being introduced on a daily basis and every individual is having to react and adapt. It is the same for companies, large and small, the ABP industry included.  

Collecting fallen livestock and slaughterhouse waste is a vital part of ensuring the integrity of the food chain in your country. The ABP industry, though, will be affected by restrictions placed on its people. The Nevsio ABP Logistics Software has several features that can help ABP collection and rendering companies operate within current ‘social distancing’ guidelines: 

Route Planning Optimisation 

Neviso offers the best possible route-planning for ABP collection. This includes: 

  • Optimising the drivers’ routes so their time is used as efficiently as possible.
  • Rescheduling routes on-the-go to make local collections as they come in.
  • Monitoring the drivers’ progress from collection to drop-off.

This means that each truck driver can make the optimal number of collections, regardless of the current situation regarding permitted driving hours. Allowing your company to maintain service levels even in the case of having fewer drivers available for work. 

Reducing Trips to the ‘Office’ 

In certain markets, the drivers do not return to base every day. The Neviso route-planner is able to allocate collections from a different starting location each day. It calculates the load collected and ensures the driver returns with as full a load as possible. This functionality could be used to avoid unnecessary trips to the rendering plant. The drivers’ daily journey could start at home or from a remote location on the road, reducing daily travel to the office. 

Keeping A Safe Social-Distance While Collecting 

When making collections of fallen livestock, often the farmer needs to be present to authorise the collection. In Norway and Finland, this authorisation can be made remotely via a login connected to a national identification system. The Neviso system can be configured to accept this digital authorisation, meaning the driver can carry out their work without close contact with the farmer: 

  • On arrival, the driver registers the collection online 
  • The commercial paperwork is automatically updated for driver and farmer 
  • ‘Ownership’ of the animal transfers digitally from the farmer to the collection company 
    • It is possible for this to be pre-authorised by the farmer (it depends on the country’s regulations) 

Electronic Handover at Factory Reception 

When the truck arrives for reception at the rendering plant, unloading can be completed without the driver leaving his cab. With the Neviso system, all admin is handled electronically, for example, load details and commercial papers. There is no need for paper documents, so there is no physical handover of forms nor signatures. Another situation where everyone can keep a safe social distance. 

Neviso ABP Logistics Software combines off-the-shelf tools with software built from scratch to your specifications. It delivers features that are customised to your needs, by utilizing our know-how of ABP rendering and logistics. These features introduce efficiencies that will also be relevant in the future and could help prepare your company to face future challenges to normal working practices. 

  • Optimise drivers’ routes 
  • Monitor progress & reschedule on-the-go 
  • Reduce unnecessary trips to the factory 
  • Maintain social-distance during collections 
  • Electronic handover at factory reception 
  • All documents produced electronically 

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