Four Reasons You Should Care About Digitalizing Your ABP Collection System

Neviso ABP Logistics Software was created to improve animal by-product logistics, including cadaver collection from farms and by-products from slaughterhouses. It was initially created together with an ABP Renderer, to fulfil the specific needs of the animal by-product (ABP) industry. But why should you care about digitalizing your ABP logistics system?

Traceable Rendering Process

Traceability throughout the food chain is becoming ever more important, so all users of the Neviso system are authenticated and logged throughout the process. It can also be connected to animal registries and producer registries, as well as farm management programmes. For example, at the collection stage, the ID of the individual animal can be checked to confirm the animal is actually owned by the farmer placing the collection order. Each step of the collection process is logged, so you know how much material has been collected. This allows accurate invoicing throughout the processing chain; farmer/slaughterhouse ➜ transport company ➜ rendering plant. In addition, the Neviso system generates accurate reporting for local government and EU regulations, which are automatically updated throughout the rendering process, saving your company time and money.

Go Paper-free

One challenge faced by renderers is the sheer volume of paperwork produced by the collection and rendering process. Whether it is route-planning, recording the collections, reporting to the authorities or invoicing between various parties, a significant paper trail is produced. Implementing the paperless, Neviso system will handle this bureaucracy digitally and free-up valuable space in your facility. It will also create a centralised, digital database which can be accessed by authorised members of your team. They can search for specific documents without sorting through reams of paper files, making their working hours more productive.

Measurable Performance

While we can make all kinds of claims about Neviso’s effectiveness, the only way to confirm this is to measure your performance. The Neviso ABP Logistics Software will produce measurable statistics. These can be integrated with business intelligence programmes, allowing you to import/export data between them. You can extract data about the efficiency of your route-planning, the progress of the drivers, the time taken at each collection and the reception of materials at the rendering plant. Analysis of the data will reveal how you can improve the effectiveness of your service. Also, you can monitor collections in real-time which facilitates instant dialogue between the customer, the transport company and your logistics team.  Improved communication ➜ higher efficiency = increased profitability…

Increased profitability

If these are not compelling enough, our previous post, Five Ways Neviso ABP Logistics Software Can Increase The Profitability Of ABP Rendering Companies, covers the issue of your bottom line in some detail; reduced costs, efficiencies and increased profitability.

The Rendering Process: Digital vs Traditional

  • Fully traceable rendering process.
  • Authentication of all users of the system.
  • Automatically updated reporting to satisfy local and European regulations.
  • Save storage space with paperless reporting.
  • Paper files replaced by searchable digital records.
  • Measure your performance and make efficiency savings.
  • Improve service levels with instant communication throughout the rendering process.

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