Tracking ABP Raw Material Collections In Real-time

Neviso ABP Logistics Software was created to improve animal by-product logistics, including cadaver collection from farms and by-products from slaughterhouses. It was initially created together with an ABP Renderer, to fulfil the specific needs of the animal by-product (ABP) industry. Here we show three data points Neviso ABP Logistic System allows you to monitor while collections are in progress. 

Problems With Traditional Route-planning 

Traditionally when ABP orders are received, there are a variety of methods used by companies for route-planning and scheduling the drivers’ working day. In some cases, this is a manual process in the transport office, where the collection details are given to each driver who might be using private GPS to plan their own route.  

Often, additional pick-ups can only be communicated by phone, with the driver taking responsibility for the last-minute paperwork. Alternatively, the delivery could be booked directly with a 3rd party logistics company, who collect and then deliver to the processing plant. This gives the rendering company no visibility nor control of inbound material. Even when there are systems in place, it’s possible that processes are fragmented with route-planning on one system and monitoring of the drivers’ progress on a separate system. This means it is only possible to check a driver’s route and progress afterwards, once they have returned to reception with their load.  

Monitor Collections With Neviso ABP Logistic System 

The Neviso ABP Logistics Software incorporates several steps of the collection process in one system. Firstly, orders are received on the system and the routes can be quickly added to the driver’s schedule, which is then communicated to the driver electronically.  

Truck 01: Completed collections have a green icon. Outstanding collections orders are indicated with a white icon.


Once the driver is out making collections, various aspects of their progress can be monitored: 

  • The truck itself can be tracked to understand the progress through the day’s itinerary 
  • The load or container number allows you to monitor the category of material collected and the weight of the load 
  • Even individual animal ID numbers (e.g. ear tags) can be identified on route, showing the type of animal or specific cadavers
When a new order is received, the nearest truck can be identified easily


If new orders come in during the day, these can be quickly added to a driver’s timetable. A new route is calculated by clicking the ‘Optimise’ button and the driver will be notified of the last-minute change. Naturally, all the relevant documentation will be generated within the Neviso ABP Logistic System, making it easier for the driver when making the collection. All the while, the logistics team can follow progress throughout the day up to the moment the load reaches reception. 

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